Thoughts For The Day

Thoughts For Today

The pain has interrupted another lucid and perhaps amusing thought. Time to put aside the current work in progress with a promise I will get back to it. I probably should just keep writing and while the cloud parked between my ears reminds me of some times I had in the eighties, the occasional sparks of lightning remind me it is not really a fertile planting ground for creativity.
It may be fortuitous that I find myself writing this on the cusp of Father’s day.  A day that reminds me of a man that was the king of “Bucking Up.”

In the past I have strung together some decent sentences in a form that some may actually have termed prose*. In my current state of mind I will not taint any of those previous efforts. Instead I will leave you with a few thoughts that come to mind when I think of my Father.

Thoughts for today.

Buck up.
Tough As Nails.
Charles Bronson.
Sinusz. (Polish for Sonny).
Da Bears.
English Leather
Hunter Safety Instructor
Midnight Shift
Working Two Jobs
Taking the boys to work.
road flares
Hunting with Dad.
A Toast to Casey on Father’s Day.

Love Dan.

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