The Most Unusual Man in The World (Mindless Entertainment)

His brain has two distinctive flavors, the logical and the artistic.
He makes a living with the logical bank and lets the artistic bank out to play to stave off insanity. His friends would council that perhaps he had failed at the “staving off” part.

Life as a road warrior forced his creative bank to find amusements on the run so he invented a game he liked to call ‘guess what they do for a living.’ The goal of the game was self explanatory and the entertainment factor was high, especially in airports such as LAX, although celebrity sightings would spoil the game. The game worked best when he was traveling with a colleague. Forget asking strangers, they often panicked and carry-ons caused damage if they connected. If alone, he would get one of his other personalities to cooperate and sometimes they did not work well and play with others. When this happened his mind would create new forms of entertainment and sometimes it fell on a familiar theme, music.

Music is one of the passions that fuels his heartbeat. Following up random thoughts with “That would make a good band name”, can provide him with a few grins for a while. Sometimes creating a good band name is like a Seinfeld Episode.
“What did you have for breakfast?”
“Lightly buttered toast.” That’s a band name.
“What was your commute like?”
“Hell with a side of cream cheese.” That’s a band name.

Names in general provide him with a great source of entertainment. Sitting down with a sports magazine annual college basketball edition and compiling a list of the best names in division 1 basketball can fill his mind with enough minutia to keep him occupied for an entire weekend. He actually could make up a name like Scientific Mapp. He is the most unusual man in the world.

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