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Two Hundred and Thirty Seven Years of ‘Blowin’ Stuff Up

May 13th 3pm 1787

Location: The Mulberry Tree in Ben Franklin’s Back Yard.

George Washington looked at the grandeur of the mulberry tree and smiled.

“Something on your mind George ?”, asked Ben.

“ I have been thinking about the Great Constitutional Convention that starts tomorrow.”, replied George.

“Yes. It will be long, arduous and full of contention. It will be worth it but what would make you smile?”, asked Ben.

“Once it is complete,  the future of this fledgling nation will be much more secure. “, replied George.

“Yes I would suppose you would be correct in assuming that. I would think that establishing  the security of this nation would be worthy of a  smile or two .” , Ben responded.

“Well yes certainly securing the future is worthy of that but I was also thinking of the Independence Day celebrations to come”, stated George.

“Oh really, pray tell what will they look like ?”, asked Ben.

“I see grand parades of common citizens bedecked in the red white and blue. I see much pageantry giving way to patriotic songs. I see festivals full of music and dancing and much food being consumed in celebration.”

“Well that is one possibility”, replied Ben.

“Do you see another Ben?”, asked George.

“Well,  I see a lot of people blowing up stuff”, replied Ben.

“That could work also.” , stated George.