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News – First Chapter Reading of Fortunate Son


Novel Fest has performed a first chapter of my book Fortunate Son.

Here is the link to that reading.  Enjoy.

I am still offering a download of the first three chapters below.

I am now offering the first three chapters of my book “Fortunate Son” for your enjoyment. All that I ask is that after you are done reading you let me know what you thought of it by answering a short questionnaire. The first 10 respondents  will be eligible to receive a free download of the complete version of the ebook.

If you like time travel, satire and laughter I think you will love  “Fortunate Son.”


…”He put his head down and tried to rest but the entire room began to spin. Room Zooms* he thought. They had be- come a natural part of his college experience but these seemed to be different then the usual ones. They increased in speed and he felt like Dorothy in the “Wizard of Oz.” Before passing out his last thought was Gee I hope get to meet that Dorothy chick, she’s a babe.”…

The year is 1787 and constables are hot on the trail of a murder suspect, someone we know,  who is AWOL from 1969 and his National Guard unit. Can an eighty two year old Ben Franklin write a constitution and get our hero back home? Can the stoned physics students responsible for his time transcendence stay sober enough to help? Don’t worry,  It’s only the future of the country that hangs in the balance.  Read first 3 chapters here or download for free for later

Download (PDF, 209KB)

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